Monthly Archives: December 2010

Requiem for Spring


arugula sprouts, basil and chives

This is my first post to this blog in about a year. Sorry I’ve been away for so long. 2010 has been quite the year. ┬áLots of transitions at work, side projects etc. Winter has finally come to NYC. Last night I was out with Mark and Nikki to see a movie and the 2 block walk to their car was a brutal 29 degrees. It has me longing for spring and relaxing on my balcony in the sun. I’ve been going through my archives of photos – many many more blog posts to come – and I found these shots of my garden. This year I went all out and planted tomatoes, a large box of arugula, several types of herbs and my ever loyal lemon tree. Miraculously everything turned out great. Though the tomatoes don’t look like much, there were delicious. The arugula was the standout star and produced several amazing salads. Even though its freezing out, the chives are still growing and flavoring my dishes.


yellow plum tomatoes grown on my balcony

lemon tree

budding lemons