Welcome to CookFromTheHip. I’m Christina and appreciate you visiting and reading my posts. This blog is a companion site for my NYC based cooking small business. Here is where you’ll find my kitchen experiments, eating experiences and musings.

I have always had a passion for food. I grew up in the kitchen, following my mother around, asking to help, always inquisitive. Through her tutelage and a near obsession with PBS Saturday morning cooking shows, I learned to experiment with food at an early age.

My personal philosophy is that food is an art. It has a soul, a story, a meaning and is infused with love. I believe that food is fun; its improvisational and everyone should have it tailored to his or her taste. In
addition, I feel that the best food comes from the best ingredients. With the food stalls of New York City as my pantry, I strive to make satisfying, exciting and indulgent dishes that bring happiness to the palate.

For up faster updates, please follow me on twitter: @CookFromTheHip


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